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Leominster Yoga

Vinyasa flow:

Yoga is the art of uniting body, mind and spirit and is ideal for reducing stress, improving flexibility and learning more about the self. 

This class is ideal for everyone, welcoming all experiences and fitness levels to the mat. Join us for a yoga journey through basic stretching and breathe work to help strengthen and lengthen the body and calm the mind. Fashioned after a simple Vinyasa flow, this class will help teach you more about yoga and the benefits of a healthy body, spirit and mind pairing one breath with one movement.

Leominster yoga

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  • Erik Serating

    This is a great place to learn Martial Arts systems that really work. Ranks are not just "handed out" because you cough up some money every few months. This is a real dojo where members respect each other and you actually must earn your rank. So if your looking for a place to hand you a black belt in 1 or 2 years so you can pat yourself on the back, then this is not the place for you. But, if you are looking for a dojo that will teach you effective systems and your willing to put in the time and commitment, then this is the place for you.
  • Mark Evans

    You are treated like family here. A friend and fellow student of the Institute brought me in one morning to check it out and I was immediately welcomed to join in. There is zero intimidation here and everyone is willing to help. There is also a very high concentration of skilled Martial Artists under one roof. I am truly thankful to train here. Always a great learning experience