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Adults Martial Arts Self Defense Classes

We’ve seen so many different kinds of people come through our doors - from the very overweight to the ultra-shy. We’ve had people start class because they want to be prepared if they need to defend themselves, and even people who start class because they’ve already been victims of a violent attack. The thing that ties all of these people together is that I've seen Martial Arts classes help every single one of them find their inner strength, peace, and confidence.

We've seen people overcome serious personal challenges like losing significant weight, we’ve seen people feel supported by meeting and interacting with other people who share their challenges, and we regularly see people gaining unreal confidence not just in their ability to defend themselves, but in their everyday lives.

Work Pressure, Family Needs, Health Concerns, Time Demands...
Sound Familiar?

Self Defense isn't just physical. It's also mental, spiritual and emotional. Living your life the way you want isn't always easy. When we first meet a new student at our school, the signs of daily life in the 21st Century are usually pretty (painfully) obvious:

  • Focus Issues
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Lack of Social Interaction
  • Lack of Perseverance
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Silently Dying

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    Here are Leominster Budo Kai Martial Arts, our classes blend fitness with self defense and that's important

    The reality is that you can't really separate the two. If you want to be able to defend yourself (and you do!), then you need to be in good shape. Now, you do NOT have to be in good shape to start! That's what we do - help normal people like you improve themselves everyday.

    We offer a "Group Sport" with an individual focus

    You'll get to interact and work with other people who share your same goals and challenges, but you won't be compared to them. This isn't high school gym class - there's no "pecking order". It's just a group of people working hard to achieve the things they never thought they were capable of. And you belong with them. 

    Again, THANK YOU for considering Leominstyer Budo Kai Martial Arts. For our instructors and students, it’s been one of the best things they’ve ever done, and I think it's possible that it could be the same for you.

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    • Erik Serating

      This is a great place to learn Martial Arts systems that really work. Ranks are not just "handed out" because you cough up some money every few months. This is a real dojo where members respect each other and you actually must earn your rank. So if your looking for a place to hand you a black belt in 1 or 2 years so you can pat yourself on the back, then this is not the place for you. But, if you are looking for a dojo that will teach you effective systems and your willing to put in the time and commitment, then this is the place for you.
    • Mark Evans

      You are treated like family here. A friend and fellow student of the Institute brought me in one morning to check it out and I was immediately welcomed to join in. There is zero intimidation here and everyone is willing to help. There is also a very high concentration of skilled Martial Artists under one roof. I am truly thankful to train here. Always a great learning experience